Primus Peak Senior Living Consulting connects Seattle's seniors to custom care solutions.


As your personal Senior Living Consultants with 10+ years of industry experience in Seattle, we are able to offer advice and connect you with resources appropriate to your individual needs. We can assist with projects ranging from moving into a care facility that suits your lifestyle, to advocating for fair and appropriate care plans and charges.


Medical Appointments - we will schedule and provide transportation to medical appointments, and manage all related administrative work and follow-up care.

Quality Assurance Audits - we will run monthly audits to ensure that you are receiving appropriate and timely medical and personal care.

Emergency Support - in the event of a medical emergency, we will support you through any hospital or rehabilitative stays and coordinate with your loved ones and members of your medical team to ensure that your wishes are respected.

Pharmacy Coordination - we will make sure that your pharmacist always has access to the most current information about you and your care, and coordinate prescription refills and deliveries on your behalf.

Rehabilitative Support - we will work with you on an individual basis to help you maintain your highest possible level of independence and physical comfort through the implementation of orders from your physician, mental health provider and physical, occupational and/or speech therapist.


Person-Centered Care Plans - There's no need to train and re-train your support team on your own! We work with you to develop a comprehensive care plan that suits your individual needs and preferences, and can offer training to your caregivers on your behalf.

Care Plan Audits - we will review existing care plans for completeness and clarity, and ensure that you are charged fairly by your care facility for services and support that truly benefit you.

Resident Services Reviews - we attend meetings with your care providers on your behalf to advocate for fair charges and ensure that you receive the care you pay for.

Change of Condition Assessments - in the event of a temporary or permanent change of condition that impacts the level of care you require, we will spend time with you to revaluate your care needs and communicate changes to the rest of your support team.

Medical Device Implementation - we will create reference documents specific to your medical devices, ranging from finger splints to wheelchairs, and ensure that your care staff are appropriately trained on the use and maintenance of your equipment.


Public Speaking - we can offer training presentations to your care staff in settings ranging from staff meetings to agency-wide in-services, to offer training and education on topics that matter to you.

Reference Materials - we can provide custom guides, posters, and other reference materials to direct your care staff through your routines, saving you from having to endlessly repeat instructions.

Incident Follow-up - we will review incident reports related to your care and create trainings for you staff to address system inadequacies and ensure that adverse events do not become a pattern.




Senior Living Solutions - having worked in this industry for over ten years, we can help you identify communities where you will feel the most at home.

Medical Providers - we work with the best! We can help you connect with reputable medical providers who will engage with you as an individual and work with your insurance plan and budget.

Leveraging Cultural Knowledge - our team is well-versed in the diverse cultures you will encounter in the Senior Living industry, and can help you engage and communicate with others effectively.




Patient Support Groups - we can arrange for you to connect with others sympathetic to your background and challenges through participation in a support group.

Family Support Groups - we can assist your loved ones in connecting with the support they need as they process new challenges related to supporting an aging friend or relative.

Caregiver Support Groups - we can help to reduce staff turnover by connecting your caregivers to resources they need to manage their own needs.